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A Little About Us

Silk Me Kids Salon and Spa is the premiere beauty experience for youth. Servicing ages 16 years and under, we will provide an uplifting, empowering and positive atmosphere. In continuing our mission of community outreach and engagement, we will sponsor many events and host several talk sessions that will help stimulate the mind, build a sense of self confidence and awareness, and cater to the advancement of their youthfulness. This salon and spa will offer an array of beauty and glamour services that will surely please all customers.

Silk Me Kids Young Gents Parlor will provide grooming services for young boys 16 years of age and younger. We will provide a healthy environment which will be mentally uplifting and encouraging for our young gents. Our licensed professionals will teach our young gents basic grooming procedures, proper mannerisms, and enhance their minds to think beyond their dreams.

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Meet Our Founder

MeMe Kelly
CEO, Hairstylist & Community Activist @redhead_hairstylist

Megan “Meme” Kelly a licensed cosmetologist and proprietor of the Hair Glam Squad Salon Experience, an independent beauty business in New Orleans, is on a mission to build the confidence of women through beautification and hair maintenance. Meme received her cosmetology education & training from John Jay Beauty College. She always knew she wanted to help women in a way that not only revitalized their looked, but also make a positive impact on their inner feelings of self-worth and esteem. A year after earning her cosmetology license she fully branded, The Hair Glam Squad Salon Experience. Specializing in natural hair and healthy hair care of all hair types, she has mastered techniques that allow her to protect the curl pattern of African American women's hair. The "Hair Glam Squad" which includes hair stylists, make up artists, and barbers from various states in the southern region, to date, has manned several back stage beauty services for fashion shows in and around Louisiana. In addition to being a brand owner and advocate of natural healthy hair, Meme has created a product line, "Silk Me," a unisex hydrating system that promotes healthy hair and manageability of your mane. The Silk Me product line works adequately on all hair types. Silk Me Hair Care for Kids is the latest healthy hair care line that launches Fall 2017. Silk Me Hair Care for Kids is prepared to give manageability, soft hair, and moisture to the kinkiest, coiliest, and curliest of natural hair! Designed with #frobabies and #curlycuties in mind, Silk Me Kids is the goto for all of your Healthy Hair Care needs!

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