Learn about the SMK Process

We value our clients and want to make sure that everyone understands the SMK WAY.

We appreciate your interest in receiving services for yourself or your child and want to make this is an amazing experience for you.

New Client

All new clients will be serviced under our non-membership service called the WORKS FOR ADULTS/KIDS.

SILK ME KIDS SALON an/or the listed service provider provides healthy hair care starting the first visit. To become a member, we offer healthy hair care plans with payment plans options. Read more under the Hair Care Plan Section,

Appointment Prep

Before your appointment, SILK ME KIDS SALON an/or the listed service provider ask that hair is detangled. Pre booking of a detangling service is $50. This service must be already added. If arriving with hair untangled and not pre-booked, the detangling fee will increase to $100, or the appointment will have to be rescheduled do to timing conflict.

All of our service comes with a shampoo, so no need to stress about that.

Check In Process

Upon entry, Scan Check-in QR CODE to sign in for your service.

SILK ME KIDS SALON does not allow parents to remain in the salon, so we ask that you either drop off or patiently wait in the car or lobby area until completion of the service. The presence of parents can hender the service being provide based on the child's behavior and also due to limited space in the salon suite. We want them to become used to the salon environment and adapt to a kid based experience. Upon arrival, if child's service can not be completed or parents choose to not receive services, FULL PAYMENT WILL STILL BE RENDERED for inconvenience and defaulted appointment time. 

Service Protocol

SILK ME KIDS is a salon that built our culture on healthy hair care. That is our priority and SILK ME KIDS SALON an/or the listed service provider will not compromise that.

Payment Process

SILK ME KIDS SALON an/or the listed service provider take all forms of payment besides checks.

If a deposit is required, an invoice will be sent to secure your appointment or it will be taken from the booking system.

Late cancelations or No Call/No Show are subject to charges.


Hair Care Plans

Hair Care Plans are service sequences that provide consistency with your hair care regimen. Appointments are to be satisfied bi-weekly (every 2 weeks). Payment can be paid in full or through our payment plan system. If hair care plans are not satisfied within the terms of the selected plan, you FORFEIT your plan and the remaining visits.

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