Are you in need of a little detangling assistance? Well, here at Silk Me Kids, we have just the product for you, our Curly Cuties Detangler. It is packed with hair essentials like ProVitamin B5, amino acids, and botanical extracts. Unlike some detanglers, ours does not contain parabens or sodium chloride. This product can also be used as a leave-in conditioner if you need some moisture along with your tangle-free hair. ProVitamin B5 is known for hydrating the hair along with soothing the scalp and preventing the hair from losing moisture. The amino acids used on this product are essential for your curls and kinks to prosper. They are arginine, cytosine, lysine, tyrosine, and our favorite MELANIN. Arginine is one of the essential building blocks for keratin. It minimizes hair breakage along with protecting against heat. Lysine is the key factor in providing hair with volume and shape. Tyrosine provides the hair with strength, hair loss prevention, and early greys prevention. Cysteine provides the hair with texture and thickness. Last but not least, our favorite amino acid commonly known as melanin, helps give the hair its natural color whatever it may be.Botanical extracts such as flaxseed extract provide the hair with Vitamin E, which balances moisture and adds shine to the hair. Meaningless to say, we are giving you the goods to keep your hair moisturized and just awesome.

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