Hair Tip Tuesday: Shampooing removes product buildup, dirt, and oils

Is hair still feeling nasty and gross? Well, you should start looking at how you are shampooing your hair. Shampooing your hair ensures that you are removing any product buildup, dirt, and or oils that may have been lingering in the hair since your last wash day. You must find a shampoo that removes any lingering product residue because it affects your hair drastically. Product buildup is pretty self-explanatory. It is the remains of any product used on the hair that begins to build up or cake up. It can prevent the hair from growing and prevent oils and nutrients from penetrating the hair to give it it’s natural shine and moisture. The dirt, as well as the oils in your hair, can wreak some havoc on your hair. The oil in the hair has a cause and effect relationship. Here’s how: the oils in the hair attract dirt which, over the course, will build up, causing product buildup, and as a result, clogs the follicle. If the follicle or pore is clogged, it can cause the hair to lose moisture and become dry. Luckily at Silk Me Kids, we offer our Curly Cuties Shampoo which, gently cleans the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. It also softens and moisturizes with the combination of oils and nutrients food for the hair.